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Middle West District Programs (2019 - 2020)


"Group Discussion: The Nuts and Bolts of Teaching" 
September 3  - 9:45 a.m. - Noon 

Join us for an enlightening discussion with the ONU college students about topics that concern us all - Studio Policies, Business Practices, Scheduling Students, and more!  
Place: Ohio Northern University

"Rockin' Recitals:  How do you 'Recital'?"
October 1 - 9:45 am - Noon (Hostess: Dee Fisher)

Theme? Ensembles or Duets? Holiday? Traditional?  Paula Deardurff will lead as we exchange recital ideas.
Place: St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Van Wert

"I'm a pianist! Do I need to know about vocal health? Absolutely!"
November 5 - 9:45am - Noon 

Dr. Crystal Battle will give tips for keeping your and your students' voices in tip top shape.  Methods will be introduced on how to teach when you have limited or no voice.
Place: Bluffton University

"Motivating Students to Practice"
March 53- 9:45am - Noon (Hostess:  Rebekah Ricker)

Students are busier now than ever before  How can they be motivated to come prepared to each lesson? How can they make each minute of their precious practice time productive?  Annette Hoverman will lead our discussion.
Place: Trinity United Methodist Church, Spencerville

"Accessible Literature for the Later Beginner"
April 7 - 9:45am - Noon (Hostess: Vicki Mills)

Elesha Wey will lead us in going over many of the wonderful pieces on the OMEA Class C list for those who have started later and want to participate in events like Solo and Ensemble.
Place: Vicki's Music Studio, Ada

"Pieces that Work: Student Savers"
May 5 - 9:45am - noon (Hostess: Elesha Wey - Old Barn Out Back)

Please bring 2-3 pieces that your students have really enjoyed learning - any leve, any age.  We'll share music that works now, so you and your students can prepare for the Fall!
Place: Wey Studio, Lima

Calendar Overview (2019 - 2020)


4     Middle West District Meeting
28  Duettist Competition registration deadline (to Kathy Jendrusik)


   1  Middle West District Meeting 
24-26  OhioMTA State Conference, Toledo
26   Ribbon Festival Registration Deadline (to Paula Deardurff)
26  Duettist Competition - Ohio Northern University


5    Middle West District Meeting
23  Ribbon Festival - Bluffton University




29    Music Evaluation Day Registration Deadline (to Karen Heath)


3    Middle West District Meeting
21-25   MTNA National Conference  Chicago
28   Music Evaluation Day, Bluffton University
21  Buckeye Auditions registration deadline 


1    Deadline for District Scholarship Application
7  Middle West District meeting
18  Buckeye Auditions - OSU/Lima


5  Middle West District Meeting





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